Africa oye just turned 25 this weekend… that’s like the same age as me!I had never been before but have heard so many wonderful things about this festival.

It runs over 2 days with many amazing live acts to watch and enjoy. 

I was lucky enough this year to go and even help out with one of the opening acts .staged Kaos which is a performing arts school that I teach at- which is run by the amazing kerri!

What a amazing atmosphere it was in Sefton park was great to spend it with my dad, step mum and little sister. After Kaos amazing performance my sister grab me and we went on the mini fair… apart from almost breaking my rib it was great fun. πŸ˜‚
We then had some lunch.., every single thing you could think of you could eat… but obviously my dad went right to the Greek stand… (because he’s Greek πŸ˜‚)

“Wow this is amazing- very authentic. Reminds me of being a kid In Athens”

When then had a little walk around all the little shops which sold everything from fidget spinners to beautiful handmade clothes/bags. 

It’s a free festival & liverpool is very lucky! Over all would rightly recommend, can’t wait till next year!  

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