43 Random Facts About Me ❤️

1, my name was Sophie Leah Nicky then Sophie Leah Morgan and now sophie Leah brady

2, my birthday is the 6th August

3, I am married

4, I live in Liverpool

5, I used to live in London

6, I am dyslexic and Dyspraxic

7, I have a dog called dolly

8, I have a little sister

9, one of my grandads was Greek

10, I still have a bedroom in my Nan and pop house, even tho I haven’t lived there for 5 years.

11, i love lady Gaga

12, my favourite holiday is Christmas

13, my favourite band is Mcfly

14,I don’t smoke

15, I don’t drink alcohol very often but if I do, I enjoy gin & tonic / Marti asti

16, I couldn’t live without chocolate

17, my favourite musical is wicked

18, I teach performing arts

19, my first celebrity crushes were Leonardo decaprio, Garth gates & Tom (Mcfly)

20, I love cooking, but hate cleaning

21, I have had a poem publish

22, I love Harry Potter ( I met Ron once)

23, I have my nose & ears pierced

24, I have 1 tiny tattoo

25, will only drink earl gray tea

26, I am 5 ft 2

27, my confirmation names are Teresa-Cecilia

28, I cry everytime I finish a tv series

29, I live in black leggings

30, my favourite perfume is Clinique happy

31, I like glittery things

32, I Prefer night dress (nicey) to pyjamas

33, i love anything vintage

34, I call my grandfather pop

35, my phone is never out of my hand

36, I love Greek food especially stuffed vine leaves

37, i have been on tv

38, i have size 5 feet

39, I speak to my grandparents more than once a day

40, when I am tried or hungry I get very moody & sometimes even cry

41, I have been to – Spain,France, Switzerland, Florida(USA), Cuba, Amsterdam, Germany, Greece, turkey, Morocco.

42, I don’t like the dark- if I am home alone I have every single light on!

43, I have a obsession with buying bedding.

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