Me and Dyslexia

Firstly, what is Dyslexia?
If you are not sure please read the NHS website 🙂

Lets start from the beginning…

My first memory of Dyslexia, was my year 1 teacher Mrs Mills telling my mum that I was an under achiever and it was due to me being lazy! Which of course wasn’t the case. I always tried my best and my efforts would always go unnoticed.
It came to my year 2 SATS, which I got above average in Maths (because we had a reader) and below in English.
So back then… almost 20 years ago they did have some sort of SEN teachers, but I wasn’t to work with them as they put me down as being lazy.
From year 3-6 I plodded along being one of the bottom of the class then once I got to year 6, I finally had a teacher that noticed that I wasn’t doing great in English, I had great ideas but I couldn’t get them down on paper. I then started getting help in class (I even had a poem published!)
My year 6 SATS came and yet again I achieved above average in Maths and below average in English. This is still after many extra hours with the after school tutor that my Dad and Stepmum arranged for me, as well as countless hours with my aunt going over SATS books.
So, English is the be all and end all… If you’re not good at English then you’re not good at any other subject!
I was placed in set 4 for all my subjects and set 5 for English, History, Religious Education and French.

I got to Broughton Hall High School and I was branded with a new label… Class Clown!
There were many other reasons why I was acting the goat in class, but one big one being not getting the help and support that I needed! Once again plodding along in school…. always in trouble never doing well in class! Then the GCSEs happened…. English Oral exam B
English Writing exam F
I moved on again to college (because I didn’t get the grade for 6th form at my school)
I studied a BTEC Performing Arts… Wow! Finally… It was perfect! 50% Performing and 50% Written but NO EXAM!
My amazing PA teachers supported me with my work for the 3 years at college and sent me to the office where people can help with funding, counselling etc.

One of the ladies did everything she could to get funding for a dyslexia test…. but unfortunately no money! I couldn’t afford to pay £300.
So the lady said please come and see me, I studied PA in uni, I can help!
Honestly the amount of hours I spent with this lady, she helped me so much!!
Honestly, I wouldn’t have got in to university with out her!

The Uni Years!

First year I worked so hard with all my written work, but it was never good enough! I had no support as I moved away from home!
I came out of my first year with a 3rd!
It got to second year and wow I came back with a fight! I wanted to do well so much! I went and asked for help…
And guess what?!? My amazing stage school paid for a dyslexia test for me! Finally!!
So I went for it…. guess what… turns out not only am I dyslexic but I also have dyspraxia…. but that’s another post all together 😂👍🏽
Straight away I had my own 1-2-1 support with essays that ended up being with my fabulous tv teacher!
We had one lesson “voice” and my exam was to sight read… I almost failed my whole course because of it! It was a living nightmare! I had lots of help and support from my peers and teachers but nothing helped!
But 3rd time lucky I guess, I passed!
But Guess what?…
I worked my ass off….
and guess what??
I graduated with a 2:1….. and well the rest is history..
Apart from some very questionable spelling via text and some horrific grammar mistakes I am doing alright!
I am even a SEN Teaching Assistant!
So pat on the back, if you struggle and if any of my story sounds familiar… please, please, go and get tested.

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