Boobs & fitness

Plus Size Fitness
Hello everyone, thank you again for reading my blog! I hope your having a great day!

Today I want to talk about plussizes fitness!

My favourite workout has to be dancing. I love to dance and have done it from the age of 3.

Also A really good workout is housework- but some music on and move you way to a clean home.

Swimming is a great source of exercise. Wish I could go more but I have to be careful as I can’t get water down my ears.  Also back in the day I was embarrassed about the way I look in a swimsuit…. but that’s a thing of the past!

Having big boob (38GG) I find it hard to strap them down. I have to wear two bras when I go for a run. In another blog I will review sports bras and what’s best for the bigger chest. I love to run , put some upbeat tracks on And go for a run with my dog. So if anyone can suggest a good sport bra! 🙌🏽

I use a app – to track my progress when training for 5/10k runs. You can also be in competition with your friends and they can watch you live.

Lastly my friend Adam who is a bit of a fitness fanatic put me on to a thing called a hitt workout! Which is 20 minutes  which is a high-intensity interval training.

This is the one that I do.

Check out joe wickes

Enjoy… let’s get fit 💪🏼

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