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 Being a size 16-18 people always assume that I am that size because I’m lazy or I eat to much even that I eat the wrong foods. I am one of them people who look at bad food and put weight on!

I am really naughty, as I do miss breakfast and it’s not very often I eat 3 meals a day!I made a packed with myself to try and start eating more…. I know it’s sounds mad to eat more?? But why sophie you need to lose weight??

I have also cut all things artificial out my diet such as sweetener and diet drinks. I do still have cordial which I am slowly but surely swoping to just water.
I DONT Drink enough water! These so many benefits of water.

Here are some benefits of drinking water. Eating out

Me and my family eat out quite a lot. But the key is to make the right choices. For example when I was younger I would have ordered a full fat coke with spaghetti carbonara. Of course that’s ok Occasionally, but not all the time. Now I try op for a lime a soda and steak jackets potato and salad.
I am addicted to chocolate

Girls you will relate, when it’s the time of the month I just want to eat chocolate for the whole of the 4-5 days. Dark, white, milk, nutty, salted and think covered in chocolate I want it!

I do allowed myself chocolate but I try not to buy a lot as I will eat it all!

I do enjoy exercising, I like running and waking my dog. I also really enjoy Zumba (which I started, I really want to go back). I have size 38 GG Boobs and it’s really hard to strap them down. I have to wear 2 bras is keep them under control. In a later post I will be testing out the best sports bras.

Here’s are come meal I made recently please follow my journey on Instagram @sophie_curvy_fitness

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