10 thing you should do for “me time”

1, read a book

Nothing better than getting your head stuck in a good book. Forgetting everything that’s hectic in your life.

2, have a hot chocolate!

Sit and enjoy a nice hot choc with all the trimmings.
3, go the cinema on your own.

If you have the world on your shoulders, take time out. Go the cinema and have a chilled 2 and a half hours on your own.
4, turn your phone off

I know we live on are phones, they are never out of our hands. Even if it’s just for an hour.

5, have a nap!

Nothing better than a afternoon nap. Zzzzzz

6, take a long bath

Run a nice warm bath with your favourite bath bomb & bubbles And lie back and relax.
7, take your bra off

I’m sorry fellas, but you will never understand, how it feels to take your bra off… that in itself is the most relaxing thing.
8, have a pamper

put a face mask on, do your nails and read some magazines (look mag is my favourite)
9, meditate

I enjoy meditation so much, I feel like it’s cleans my mind, body & soul. (Watch a YouTube tutorial)
10, eat!

Make your favourite meal & enjoy watching soap’s / Netflix’s

Hope you enjoyed this post

Let me know what you do for me time.

Sophie Leah X

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